"Edge Replication Strategies for Wide-Area Distributed Processing"
Niklas Semmler, Matthias Rost, Georgios Smaragdakis, and Anja Feldmann.
ACM EdgeSys 2020.

The rapid digitalization across industries comes with many challenges. One key problem is how the ever-growing and volatile data generated at distributed locations can be efficiently processed to inform decision making and improve products. Unfortunately, wide-area network capacity cannot cope with the growth of the data at the network edges. Thus, it is imperative to decide which data should be processed in-situ at the edge and which should be transferred and analyzed in data centers.

In this paper, we study two families of proactive online data replication strategies, namely ski-rental and machine learning al-gorithms, to decide which data is processed at the edge, close to where it is generated, and which is transferred to a data center. Our analysis using real query traces from a Global 2000 company shows that such online replication strategies can significantly reduce data transfer volume (in many cases up to 50% compared to naive approaches) and achieve close to optimal performance. After analyzing their shortcomings for ease of use and performance, we propose a hybrid strategy that combines the advantages of both competitive and machine learning algorithms.

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