"The Effect of Router Buffer Size on HighSpeed TCP Performance"
Dhiman Barman, Georgios Smaragdakis and Ibrahim Matta.
IEEE Globecom 2004 - Global Internet and Next Generation Networks.

We study the effect of the IP router buffer size on the throughput of HighSpeed TCP (HSTCP). We are motivated by the fact that in high speed routers, the buffer size is important as such a large buffer size might be a constraint. We first derive an analytical model for HighSpeed TCP and we show that for small buffer size equal to 10% of the bandwidth-delay product, HighSpeed TCP  can achieve more than  90% of the bottleneck capacity. We also show that setting the buffer size equal to 20% can increase the utilization of HighSpeed TCP up to 98%. On the contrary, setting the buffer size to less than 10% of the bandwidth-delay product can decrease HighSpeed TCP's throughput significantly. We also study the performance effects under both DropTail and RED AQM. Analytical results obtained using a fixed-point approach are compared to those obtained by simulation.

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