``In-Net: Enabling In-Network Processing for the Masses"
Radu Stoenescu, Matei Popovici, Vladimir Olteanu, Joao Martins, Roberto Bifulco, Felipe Huici, Mohamed Ahmed, Georgios Smaragdakis, Mark Handley, and Costin Raiciu.
ACM EuroSys 2015.  

Network Function Virtualization is pushing network operators to deploy commodity hardware that will be used to run middlebox functionality and processing on behalf of third parties: in effect, network operators are slowly but surely becoming in-network cloud providers. The market for innetwork clouds is large, ranging from content providers, mobile applications and even end-users. We show in this paper that blindly adopting cloud technologies in the context of in-network clouds is not feasible from both the security and scalability points of view. Instead we propose IN-NET, an architecture that allows untrusted endpoints as well as content-providers to deploy custom in-network processing to be run on platforms owned by network operators. IN-NET relies on static analysis to allow platforms to check whether the requested processing is safe, and whether it contradicts the operator's policies. We have implemented IN-NET and tested it in the wide-area, supporting a range of use-cases that are difficult to deploy today. Our experience shows that IN-NET is secure, scales to many users (thousands of clients on a single inexpensive server), allows for a wide-range of functionality, and offers benefits to end-users, network operators and content providers alike.

DL Author-ize serviceIn-Net: in-network processing for the masses
EuroSys '15 Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems, 2015

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